There is a clear improvement in some parts of Brisbane with investor activity being driven by Brisbane’s comparatively high rental yields.   RP Data shows that Brisbane prices rose by 7.5% over the past 12 months and predictions suggest another good 5% in the coming year.

With fixed interest rate home loans at record lows such 3 year rate under 3.69% with some lenders offering a free 90 day rate lock and linked 100% offset accounts  this can offer a great deal and the benefit of knowing that your affordability is locked for the fixed rate period.

However the right home loan for you may not have the best interest rate. The right home loan for you may be all or part a fixed rate loan or an introductory rate loan or a loan with an offset account – or a loan with absolutely no features at all. The problem for many borrowers is that if you don’t understand the implications of all the options how can you assess if they are best suited to your needs.

Unfortunately many lender’s web sites are more focused on getting you to submit an application rather than informing you all the information that you need.

That is why you need the services of an experienced, honest, MFAA accredited mortgage planner to arrange your next home loan. A broker who isn’t afraid to admit that they are paid commission by the lenders to introduce your business and happy to fully disclose that commission to you. A broker who will advise you upfront and in writing which lenders are appropriate, their interest rates and all fees relating to your loan..all in writing’.

From Noosa to Coolangatta or Brighton to Ipswich we can provide you with free, professional advice on your next home loan. We work with first home buyers, investors and refinance inquiries every day.

So while our advice is free to you that doesn’t mean it has no value, put us to the test and give us a call today for the cost of a local phone call on 1300 852 900 or to submit a quick inquiry. If you live overseas and want to finance or arrange mortgage refinancing in Brisbane click here for our offshore arm expat home loans.

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